Escort Cards vs Place Cards

This seems rather obvious, but there is certain etiquette that must be followed when addressing escort cards. If you’re meeting your escort at their in call, it’s poor form to loiter or make yourself noticeable. Many workers are operating from their homes and have neighbours and landlords who may not be supportive of their career choices considering the stigma around being a sex worker. Quietly approach at the designated time – do not arrive early and stand around out front – and speak quietly until you’re indoors. It’s also helpful to remember that this is not your home and you should be on your best behaviour as a guest or you may not be invited back. Do not make an unnecessary mess for your escort to clean up.
They should not simply be sitting or standing and staring at the shoot. This will make the photographer and possibly the model very uncomfortable. The escort needs to bring something quiet and out of the way to do unless they have been asked to help with the shoot. First and foremost the model should agree upon having an escort or assistant with the photographer before you plan the shoot.
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Choosing to see a sex pro is a big step…but I think it’s worth it. This is the time to make sure you’re as fresh as possible. Use soap, deodorant – and mouthwash, if you have it! The better you smell and taste, the more enthusiastic your worker will be about getting close to you. Perhaps you could offer them a glass of water or perhaps a tour of your house? Let them put their bags down, use the bathroom and set out any equipment they might need.
If a plated meal with various entrees will be served, escort cards can also be used as place cards. Therefore, a symbol of the various entree will be listed on the escort card. If this is the case, each guest should have their own place card. Combining two guests on one place card can create confusion for wait staff and ultimately make for a longer dinner service. Occasionally, guests will place their cards in their pocket or leave their card on a cocktail table. Your service staff should have a copy of seating assignments and menu selections.
It is also appropriate to say no if the person is obviously drunk or threatening in some way. If you feel that a dancer is physically dangerous to the other dancers, you should report the situation immediately to a Chapter Board member. Unless visit this link is truly offensive, it is not appropriate to say no because your partner may have poor dance technique. While dancing with this person may not be one of life’s peak experiences, a dance is only three minutes long and the experience will not kill you. When you ask someone to dance, be sure to make eye contact with your prospective partner, offer our hand, and ask clearly, “Would you like to dance? ” If your partner says yes, smile, offer your hand, and escort him or her onto the dance floor and into dance position.
Before calling, read her description and the list of services that she provides. Do not waste both of your time by not checking the service list and start asking all those question over the phone. Also check out the rates and don’t start negotiating over the phone. Usually escort cards are used at semi-formal weddings or events, since they only indicate the table number and not the specific seat. Place cards are used at formal events and weddings.
Beginners and those who would like to practice the basic steps without traveling can stay on the inside of the circle, out of the line of dance completely. Weddings are ultimately a reflection of who you are and what you want your guests to experience, so you can always nix the formalities of cards and opt for something more creative! The most popular alternative to escort cards is a seating chart. Do be mindful that this could cause a traffic jam at the reception entrance, though, since guests won’t be able to find their names quite as easily as with an alphabetized escort card list. DO make it easy for guests to read their names.
First time bookers may be asked to provide additional information and screening to plan a booking. This is non-negotiable, we will never put one of our escorts in a risky situation – if you feel this is unfair please do not contact us. We also extend the same courtesy to you as a customer, strictly protecting your identity and confidentiality. Discreet Elite is a high class companionship agency that represents the world’s elite entertainers.
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