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“女大学生卖淫,我不相信是假新闻 (Female university students selling sex, I don’t believe it’s false news)”. Archived from the original Archived 13 September 2003 at the Wayback Machine on 13 September 2003. Rising HIV/AIDS rates among Chinese’s elderly has been partially attributed to the use of sex workers. The majority of the women involved are from Christian families as these make up the poorest communities in Pakistan.
As with bodyguards, most special agents are former soldiers who have distinguished themselves and been promoted and retrained. Under , the Bank has turned a steady profit since its inception. Saburo’s choice of loans and investments allowed the bank to remain on an even footing, even during the early nineties when several Japanese financial institutions were on shaky ground. Adroit management in the post-crash market kept the Bank turning a profit through those tough years. In Tokyo, Arasaka introduced a revolutionary new line of premium biochip called the Relic, which was advertised as a means for buyers to preserve a copy of their personalities for future generations to interact with. It was first reported by Nippon Daily, not long after Arasaka officially confirmed it.
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Arasaka Security, Arasaka Bank and Arasaka Manufactures are the central companies, all under the aegis of the Arasaka corporation. Despite the system of cross-linked owners, Arasaka is not a keiretsu. In a keiretsu there is no large concentration of power in any branch. In Arasaka, the entire corporation responds directly to the board of directors of the Arasaka Corporation and the main companies. The air transport capacity provided by the C-25s is complemented by the three Arasaka container ships. Sato Commercial Shipping, a subsidiary of Yokohama, owns other large ships, such as container ships, cisterns and submarine freighters.
All of Arasaka’s advertising is designed and managed in-house by special departments, tailored to individual nations and regions, and run from offices in the towers. The Tokyo office handles international advertising and public relations. The Arasaka Corporation sponsors a variety of events, festivals, companies, brandances, anime, media personal, stores, hotels, and many more. There are more discreet tactics for marketing the three core branches of the corporation. In addition to supplying trained men and women to corporations, groups and individuals, Arasaka also leases and sells the security equipment that it manufactures. Typical items include cameras, perimeter detection and surveillance equipment, computerized security offices and networks, fire extinguishing systems, security turrets, robotic personnel, and computerized personnel access systems.
Saburo was able to take the appropriate steps, and through his shrewd manipulation and investments, make the Arasaka Corporation one of the few commercial institutions to profit from the crash. Arasaka was big before the crash, but in the period afterwards it assumed gigantic stature, becoming one of the largest Megacorporations in the world, now ranking at number two on the global 500 list. Arasaka has made a habit of buying up other companies worldwide, and bleeding out the competition of other Japanese corporations.
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Arasaka also manufactures its own portable computers and weapons, and it is considered poor taste to use non-Arasaka equipment when company-made products are available. The end of the war for the company saw the death of Kei Arasaka and the destruction of the Arasaka tower in Night City in 2023, as it was destroyed with a mini Nuke by a Militech operative team. President Kress blamed the Night City bombing on Arasaka, despite the fault lying with Militech, and further demonized Arasaka for her own interests.
Sources in Lisbon say that Chinese triad gangs from the Portuguese colony of Macau are setting up in Portugal ahead of the handover of Macau to China in 1999. Security sources fear that as many as 1000 triad members could settle in Portugal. They are already involved in securing Portuguese citizenship for Macau residents by arranging marriages of convenience with Portuguese prostitutes.