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At we understand the importance of effective fundraising strategies in empowering Christian causes and creating a lasting impact. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with a wide range of innovative and successful fundraising ideas tailored specifically for Christian organizations. By implementing these strategies, you can maximize your fundraising potential, engage your community, and ultimately achieve your mission with greater success. the last 50 years. Our advice, tips, and suggestions have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for congregations just like yours.

We hope you find the following information helpful to you and your church. It will also answer many of the commonly asked questions that our clients have.

Your Generosity Can Make A Difference!

There is more happiness in giving then in receiving. These words are over 2000 years old I have been proven scientifically to be true. Your parishioners and members understand this principle.

Will you be teaming up to help a charity in your community? You can either donate all of the proceeds or a portion of them on everything you sell. best church fundraisers

Host A Social Media Event To Give Online

When do you understand what kind of event you’re going to have your next campaign you need to plan your online strategy. This is very important especially during a time of a pandemic. It is a great way to unite your friends and family online while helping a good cause. Additionally, it allows you to connect with people in your network that live in another part of the country.

Digital Resources For Your Next Nonprofit Campaign

Does your church have a social media presence already? If not it is time to set up a Facebook page and Instagram account at a minimum. One of your volunteers can easily post for you online.

Don’t Wait Until Sunday At Church To Give.

If your supporters are behind you and what you are trying to do in the community, they will love to find ways to support you. So design your  registration for it to only take a few minutes for your donors to give or place an order.

Crowdfunding works because it gives an opportunity for you to tell the story about your vision and mission. So find a place to soapbox and engage your audience. Whether this is on your website or on social media, you need a center hub to disseminate your story.

Use digital assets like memes, video, gifs, interviews and infographics to get your message out there. Craft a message people will be glad to get behind. In this way people will spread the word about you to help your movement grow.

People love to watch entertaining videos. Think of creative ways that your church can use video to spread the message about your good nonprofit cause. You can live stream your videos on YouTube, Facebook other social media sites like this.

Church Fundraising Companies

Let’s face it, there are many church fundraising companies on the Internet to choose from. Some sell software resources like Classy, Fundly, Causevox or Soapbox Engage. Others represent products and merchandise like FZ. How do you know who to trust? Whom should you choose as your church fundraising consultant?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a church fundraiser company to work with:

  1. Do they charge you money upfront before getting results? Anyone can say they are a church fundraiser consulting company. All it takes is a website and a business card. The last thing we want is for you to give someone money before they produce results. Instead, be sure to work with church consultants that offer to be compensated by the results they provide for you. Because this way your parishioner’s donations and contributions are protected.
  2. Do they require that you pay upfront for materials to help you with your next campaign or event? Genuine fundraiser companies provide free brochures, envelopes, letters and training. They also provide free shipping when your church youth group meets the minimum sales order.
  3. Do they require that you buy the merchandise before you sell it? Some church  consultants require that you buy all of your products beforehand. Can you see how this could cause a problem for your small church? Sad to say, some churches have been stuck with promotional items that they cannot sell. So, that is why our fundraiser program for congregations requires zero money out-of-pocket. There is absolutely no upfront costs to your congregation. Your church simply pays for the items they sell. Best of all, your church can pay for the products out of the money that they collect upfront.

Great Programs For Small Churches

Will these ideas work for small churches? You will be glad to know that our free program will work for congregations of all sizes and denominations. Yes, we have enjoyed success with:

  • Catholic church
  • Baptist church
  • Methodist fundraising

The key to raising money for small churches is to stick to a proven system.

After 50 years in this business we have simplified church fundraising down to a few simple steps to follow. So, if you can follow these instructions then you will succeed. Best of all, we will walk you through each step one at a time.

Furthermore, our coaching starts with our very first phone call and goes through the point of delivering all of your fundraiser merchandise.

Creative Ideas For Churches

Our blog is full of dozens of creative ideas for congregants to make money. So, please feel free to use these and adapt them to work for your church. From church dinners, to car washes, garage sales and church walks, we have something for everyone.

You Might Be Wondering…. Do You Have Any Unique Ideas?

Yes, you will find many unique fundraisers in the articles of our blog. Additionally, you will learn how to get local businesses involved to help you raise the most money for your church.

Our unique programs are great for:

  • Church choir fundraisers.
  • Mission trip fundraisers.
  • Faith based fundraisers for churches.
  • Christian school fundraisers.
  • Church youth group fundraisers.
  • Coffee that supports missions.

Author A “Comfort Food For The Soul” Style Cook Book

Families that cook and eat together stay together. So why not encourage eating Sunday dinner as a family for your congregation members?

One way you can do this is to offer a cookbook of favorite Sunday dinner recipes. How can you author a cook book?

Reach out to congregants and ask for their favorite Sunday dinner meal. In this way everyone has a part and feels like an author. Before you know it, you will have a beautiful cookbook to share with your members.

The more recipes you can include, the more books you will sell. Every author will buy copies to give as gifts! Collect your donations and payments upfront for the cookbooks sold. Then shop online for a good publisher to get the best deal on printing them.

Remember to market this to your supporters, each author and fans on your social media sites. If you want to make this really fun, you can have a YouTube link in every recipe with a 30 second video from the family that donated the recipe. You can also turn the hard copy book into a Kindle book or a digital e-book with the video media embedded right into the cookbook.