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The brand has also introduced a 4 ounce Renew Powder, recommended to refresh, renew, and rejuvenate all ZOLO strokers. JO® products are formulated with the world’s highest quality ingredients & held to the highest level of manufacturing practices. That’s why we back our brand with a 100% product satisfaction guarantee. Swiss Navy® has over 20 years of experience formulating premium quality lubricants and supplements.
Through her involvement with Ihumātao, Qiane is a whānau representative to Te Kiingitanga (Māori King movement). She was also a chairperson for Makaurau Marae Hauora kōmiti and currently supports Te Ahiwaru hapū, delivering outcomes for health initiatives and screening programmes. Julia is now working with Women’s Refuge to organise the first annual “Awards and Gala for Women’s Refuge” in Queenstown, aiming to celebrate nspirational women in the region and raise further funds and awareness for the cause.
Up until November 2021 Megan Main led MIQ, overseeing more than 4,500 staff at a unique and ever-evolving agency, stood up urgently in early 2020. MIQ is now one of New Zealand’s largest-ever public service efforts. Megan led the rapid set-up of the framework, enabling 31 MIQ facilities across five cities.
Texture and changing sheens in fabric (matt velvets to silky satins) offer a positive tactile experience to teenagers as well as being seen to be desirable from a cool point of view. At this age a fixation with metal and glass in all forms is prevalent – car fetishes with young boys and jewellery with girls. Soft fruity coral reds and violet blues are good for social areas as they create inspiration and imaginative play. adult store are generally not as good for the implementation of ideas into concrete goals as they stimulate but don’t encourage achievement. Violets open both sides of the brain – both the logical and the creative – and children often do their most interesting work when small amounts of this colour are present. It is advisable to stay away from bold geometric patterns on walls or drapes as they are generally distracting.
Their worldwide number one best seller being the RO-80mm bullet – with over 5 million sold to date. OVO current range of products is broken up into distinct categories including pleasure rings, love balls (aka Kegel exercisers), bullets, mini vibes, vibrators, rabbits, and lay-ons. In addition to the design awards, the company holds 17 patents for a variety of its products’ features. Form follows function in “OVO’s” sleek designs, but beauty is not sacrificed in these lifestyle toys for everyone. The packaging is as simply elegant as the products themselves, and the materials used are body safe and phthalate-free.