25 Best Fundraising Ideas for Schools in 2023 Start Now

If the PTO/PTA would rather offer another prize, a really good gift card could also draw a large crowd. fundraisers for school can be as informed as possible before making their pledge. Feel free to include Pogo sticks, jump ropes, or a bounce house for the students that aren’t bouncing on the trampolines at any given time. With an admission fee, students can hunt for up to a specified time limit to make sure everyone has a chance to collect some eggs or just until all the eggs are gone. If you wanted to hold it by itself, you can charge an admission fee to participate or you can just have it as part of a bigger party-style event and include it for free.
Have members of your high school sports teams donate their time to host a community sports camp during the summer. Children can pay a fee to learn from the greats, with all the money going back to your school. Consider hosting a few camps throughout the summer so eager mini-athletes can practice football, basketball, and baseball. Pledge fundraisers are one of our favorite types of school fundraisers thanks to their ease of planning and universal appeal. To get started, first plan a fun and engaging event that students want to participate in. A walk-a-thon is one of the most common, although you can mix things up with a dance-a-thon, hit-a-thon, or even a read-a-thon.
Barnes & Noble hosts pre-K-12 in-store and online themed bookfair fundraisers such as scavenger hunts and poetry readings. Farmraiser even offers non-food, eco-friendly products like candles, lotions, and pet items and a large selection of gardening products. In 2013, Stacey Boyd, a former middle school principal, needed to fund art and math programs at her school due to funding cuts. Nestlé Toll House is a well-known classic that offers shelf-stable cookie dough. These catalogs will add instant credibility to your school fundraiser.
The proceeds can support your foundation with an entrance fee while allowing your guests to embrace their inner-child and curiosity. You can have one at the comfort of your own home or a member of your community who’s willing to host for a cause. To raise funds for your event, you can ask guests to pitch in monetary donations in your invitations, or you can include an entrance fee. There’s nothing like good company, comfort food, and great weather with a purpose. Whether you’re an experimental drinker, a social drinker, or somebody who loves to unwind after a long day of work, for many, there’s always a reason to have a beer in hand. Partner up with your local bar or restaurant to co-host a beer garden happy hour, where a portion of your sales goes towards your cause.
Also, consider what sort of investment the band or the school is prepared to make to help out with getting your fundraiser started. For example, do you need to have a pre-sell fundraiser where no money down is required, or is there some money available to you so that you can maybe consider direct sale ideas? Things like scratch card fundraisers can provide profits of up to 90%, but to reap those kinds of rewards the band will have to commit to a purchase of at least 100 cards upfront. For some groups, this is not a problem, but others may need to look to other band fundraiser ideas instead. First of all, there are many school fundraiser companies on the Internet today.
Make your karaoke event even more exciting by selecting three or four students to be judges. Similar to TV shows like “American Idol” and “The Voice,” judges can give their opinions about other students’ vocals, song choices and stage presence. The judges can even choose an outright winner of your karaoke competition. This is like a marathon, but instead of running, students spend time reading. The best way to do this is by having students track their reading time. For example, they read for 15 or 30 minutes and track their time.
Encourage them to use these sites during and outside of work to help your nonprofit raise even more money. High-quality pictures are essential to your online bake sale, so make sure you take compelling images of your treats to capture their best angles. Start organizing your event by securing a pet-friendly space to host it. With the rise eCommerce platforms like Etsy and the growing popularity of tutorial content on YouTube, more people than ever enjoy spending their free time creating things. Raising money for your cause can be as simple and heartwarming as organizing a baby photo contest!
Hosting a marathon or relay is a fantastic way to get your community involved while giving them a fun reason to dive into physical activity for a cause. It can be done as a triathlon, running, biking, or even kayaking. It’s best to consider your demographic and your preferred area. Something practical like a beautiful, one-of-a-kind serving tray could be a hot ticket item for your school auction art project. Using color diffusing paper and watercolor paints, each student creates their own design.
Student athletes love to share their hard-earned skills and expertise with their community. A summer sports camp gives them the chance to do so for a good cause. They can teach younger kids a new skill and give parents some time to themselves during busy summer days. Charge groups a fee to participate (or audition), as well as an admission fee on the big night. Middle school is the age where plenty of kids are starting to become interested in video games.
Charge people $5 at the door, and sell candy apples, caramel corn, or other sweet treats on the way out. Themed baskets are a reliable fundraising staple that lets your PTO get creative with how to best attract donors. The challenges can be silly, but younger students will love them. You might choose to conduct a silent auction, traditional auction, or even mobile app auction, so be sure to research your options ahead of time.